Should a Hedgehog be Out During The Day?

Should a Hedgehog be Out During The Day?

Hedgehogs are quickly becoming a popular option as pets. They can be kept in a small cage like a hamster and are a lot of fun to play with.

A hedgehog costs about $200 but some might be priced higher or lower based on type and age. While there is no exact figure that shows the number of hedgehog pets in the country, reports indicate that hedgehog pets have grown exponentially in the last three to four years.

However, many owners are still not aware of how hedgehog lives and some even wonder if a hedgehog should be out during the day or not.

If you are also wondering about the same issue then you have landed on the right page. We’ll tell you if a hedgehog should be out during the day or not.

“NO” Hedgehogs should not be out during the day. The truth is that these tiny creatures love to doze off during day time and get active in the evening as they hunt and eat. They enjoy sleeping in the day and trying to disturb them while they’re asleep can cause them to get angry.

Is It Healthy For A Hedgehog To Be Out During The Day?

According to experts, hedgehogs may go out to enjoy sunlight during the day. This is why some experts suggest keeping the cage under the sunlight so that your pet hedgehog gets the amount of sunlight it needs.

A hedgehog should not be out during the day because it cannot face the dangers that lurk around during that time.

  • Weak Sight: Hedgehogs don’t have a strong sight. In fact, they can’t even recognize their owners with their eyes. Instead, they use smell to identify them.

A hedgehog will not only get lost during the day but may also become a victim to heavy traffic.

  • Danger From Other Animals: Cats, dogs, and even some birds may attack a hedgehog.

While a hedgehog is able to protect itself by a method called anointing, it might not be enough to scare off larger animals. Therefore, it is better for a hedgehog to remain indoors and sleep during the day.

  • Weather: A hedgehog cannot withstand extreme cold or hot. They prefer a warm temperature to stay healthy. Leaving the animal out in the open is risky as it may fall ill due to extreme weather conditions.

Reasons Why A Hedgehog Might Be Out During The Day

It is rare to spot a hedgehog out in the day but it’s not entirely impossible.

Here are some reasons why a hedgehog might be out in broad daylight:

  • Sickness: One of the major reasons for a hedgehog to be out in the day could be sickness. When sick, hedgehogs make grunting noises and look very weak. It could be suffering from one out of the following diseases:
  • Skin Reaction: The skin of a hedgehog is super sensitive and would easily get irritated. Hedgehogs are always at the mercy of mites. Mites are tiny white creatures that invade a hedgehog’s fur and cause severe damage.

The hedgehog would be scratching and itching severely. It may also cause the animal to lose quills, especially from the back.

  • Sexual Disease: Both the male and female hedgehogs can develop sexual diseases due to poor hygiene or bad diet.

Female hedgehogs can suffer from uterine cancer or get mammary tumors. These are serious conditions that may result in the loss of life.

On the other hand, male hedgehogs can get testicular cancer. These diseases don’t only restrict them from getting sexually involved but will claim their lived if left untreated.

  • Infection: Bacteria and microorganisms that float in the air can easily get into a hedgehog’s food or water. They can cause fatal damage to the animal.

Illnesses cause hedgehogs to feel uncomfortable, forcing them to go out of their shelter during the day.

  • Pregnancy: Pregnant hedgehogs require more food. This may force the animal to go out in the daylight. Hunger may cause the animal to go out and hunt for food. While hedgehogs usually go out to find food at night, pregnancy cravings can force the animal to go out at daytime as well.

You may see them picking sticks and meadows as well. They do this to build a nest for the baby when they’re nearly expecting.

  • It’s A Mom Hedgehog: Baby hedgehogs cannot survive without a mother. When a female hedgehog breeds a baby, it stays with it the entire time, sacrificing sleep and food, just like any mother would. However, a mother hedgehog also needs some me time which is why it might go out during the day when the baby is sleeping.

It could be out searching for food or just enjoying a casual walk.

Noisy Environment: Hedgehogs are sensitive to loud sounds and strong scents. Heavy honking, barking, etc., can cause them to feel scared, forcing them to leave their crib and go out.

This is why it is important to keep your pet hedgehog in a quiet place so that the animal does not feel any discomfort.

Injury: A hedgehog might be out because it’s hurt and going through a lot of pain. It might have sustained a wound or worse, broken a bone.

Injuries may force hedgehogs to step out during the day. They may not be able to walk properly if they have a major injury. Get in touch with a vet if you see such signs. Injured animals need quick help or they might sustain more damage.

Should You Take Your Hedgehog Out For A Walk In The Day?

Not really. Hedgehogs have a unique way of living just like any other pet. They have a pattern of eating, sleeping, and playing and trying to tamper with that can make them angry.

Even if you take the pet outside, it might get confused and irritated due to outside elements including heat and noise. Hence, it is better to not take the risk and let your pet live the way it wants to.

Therefore, it is better to keep the animal indoors so that they remain safe at all times.

What To Do If You See One Out In The Day?

If it seems healthy, it is better to let it be. However, if you hear the animal making grunting noises and if it’s finding it difficult to walk then call a vet to look into the matter.

You may also try to give food to the animal but never come close to the hedgehog and do not make the mistake of trying to hold or touch the animal. Hedgehogs may feel attack you if they feel threatened.

The Bottomline

Long story short, a hedgehog should not be out during the day because it is not safe for them. Provide your pet animal with a safe house so they do not feel the need to go out and if you ever see a wild hedgehog out in the day, then make sure to never get close to the animal and call a vet if you find the animal has sustained serious injuries.