What does Hedgehog use for Bedding?

What does Hedgehog use for Bedding?

Animal companions have been a salient part of many homes for ages. Apart from the ones that give security, some of these animals serve no other purpose but to delight us neither their presence and antics in our lives. But they don’t come on a platter of gold. They need care, attention, and love. These companions could be small or big. For some, it doesn’t matter. But for others, it does. People prefer their pets to be either small or big because of space and care. But rarely do we find animals like the hedgehog as a pet. Small and fragile, these little friends have basically the same care needs as rats, mouses, or teacup pigs.

When getting a pet hedgehog, it is important to know that they are small animals and thus needs to be as comfortable and out of the way as possible. Getting them the perfect housing and stuff bedding would be a good place to start in their care. To choose bedding, most hedgehog owners are thankful that they have multiple kinds of bedding to choose from for their pet.
Here is a list of hedgehog bedding. Though not exhaustive, it does cover most of the hedgehog bedding terrain. If you want to find some bedding products, click here

Paper Bedding Options for Hedgehogs

Paper bedding is basically animal bedding made from paper. They come in different brands and have their own pros and cons. Here are a few recommended paper bedding brands and types:

CareFresh Ultra by Healthy Pet

This bedding isn’t just soft and cozy, the fact that it is made from recycled paper waste means that it isn’t dusty and won’t cause respiratory issues through the dust. Also, the manufacturers have taken the time to make these bedding in bright beautiful colors so if you enjoy some color in your little pets home, this might just be a good choice.

Hedgehogs find this product especially comfortable as they like to roll around and bury themselves deep in the comfort of this fluffy bedding.
However, because of the soft and downy nature of this bedding, it does have a tendency to become stuck on the hedgehog’s body. Especially the spine area. This happens mostly when the hedgehog just had a wash because of the wetness.

Paper Shavings Animal Bedding by Applegate Insulation

This is another nice option of a very soft, absorbent, and cost-effective bedding for a hedgehog. Usually packed into blocks and expands into an enormous amount of bedding that can you spread generously into the hedgehog’s home. Its lightweight nature makes easy to kick around. Its manufacturing is from recycled paper directories and other paper materials. This item is like other paper bedding in the sense that it could become stuck in the hedgehog’s body too. Other than this though, this bedding is a good choice.

Clean & Cozy by Kaytee

The Clean & Cozy paper bedding product is similar to CareFresh Ultra. Although it is a little bit less expensive, it is also less absorbent, lighter, and softer. Making a choice between the two is really dependent on what you require your hedgehog’s bedding to have. Deciding whether this item serves your hedgehog’s needs are solely up to you as you may or may not prefer it to some of its competitors.

Cell-Sorb Plus by Estes’ Co.

This bedding is compact at the initial point of use and slowly rolls out and expands as it gradually becomes wet. It is very absorbent, but not very soft. This item is a particular favorite because it is not as fluffy or soft as a lot of other paper bedding.

Fresh World Bedding by SunSeed

This bedding stands out because it contains baking soda to help control odors, made from recycled newspapers and is as soft and cozy as any other bedding. There have been worries that perhaps baking soda isn’t too good for hedgehogs however thus it would be a good thing to consider.


Either plain, printed or non printed newsprint, you can make use of any of these in hedgehogs bedding in various forms. The most popular of these forms is to just lay them on the floors of the cage and turn them into some bottom cage lining of sorts. They are cheap and one could even get them for free from newspapers at the end of their newsprint rolls.

Pelleted paper bedding

Pelleted newspaper bedding items, mostly manufactured from a recycled old newspaper. They have some odor that is not toxic or uncomfortable and has are generally the size and shape of rabbit pellets.

Some examples of these include Purina’s Yesterday’s News, a popular pelleted kitty or ferret litter and Second Nature Dog Litter which is cheaper.
Reviews have it that these items work. It works well with the smell and this might be a plus. However, utmost care must be taken to ensure that hedgehog does not eat this product. Because it expands and swells as it gets wet and could harm or kill the pet.

Also worth noting is the fact that these items grey color has a dirty quality that could make the cage seem filthy. And worse, it could hide and disguise abnormal hedgehogs poop. Thereby making it difficult to know if your pet is sick.

Wood Bedding Options for Hedgehogs

Bedding in this category is made from wood and wood shavings. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and can be fairly comfortable. However, here is a basic description of some of the most popular ones.

Kaytee Soft Granule Blend

These come in little pellets. They are very absorbent and softer than other wood options.

Pine Shavings

Even though this is a rather popular item among pet owners, it is not the ideal small pet bedding because they are not very absorbent. Also, there are some comments on the fact that the pine oils can cause health problems in hedgehog and even cut up their delicate and tiny feet.

Cedar Shavings

Cedar comes at a cheap price and you can find it everywhere and thus easier to just use as bedding. But factors to consider include the fact that it has a toxic scent which though might be pleasant to the senses of a human is not healthy for animals like the hedgehog. Also, it causes allergic reactions in pets. Especially pets like the hedgehog.

Aspen Shavings

Aspen wood bedding is generally a finer wood shaving than pine and cedar. A lot of owners still enjoy the fact harbor absorbs so well and has a nice scent too. To make it even better, it is relatively cheap. However, it has been known to be rather dusty and the fact that it gets pretty sticky when it gets wet. On a general level though, the fact that it is not toxic, and has that nice aroma means that it still stands high above some other bedding materials. If you must use wood shaving bedding, aspen definitely seems like a good investment.

Pelleted wood bedding

Pelleted wood bedding is quite like pelleted paper bedding too. The only difference is in what they are made of. Wood!

Pelleted pine is a popular preference among wood shaving bedding lovers. It does carry some health risks but most of these risks are very likely not going to manifest. And even when they do, when weighed against the benefits, this bedding’s health risk attributes seem rather inconsequential. They are often cheap, available and comfortable, making them a definite favorite.
Several brands of wood pellets exist, and it is better tha each one is tested and the user decide which one best suits their needs.

Fabric Bedding Options for Hedgehogs

Very often, hedgehog owners use fabrics like fleece, pillowcases, or towels in their hedgehog’s cages. Because these tiny animals like to hide, they are fun for the hedgehogs.
Now not only are fabrics fun for the animals, but they also absorb liquids and are easily maintained by washing… thus making them very cost effective as you can reuse them. What is more, they can come plain or patterned and even help wig handling of the hedgehogs as they present as protection against prickly hedgehogs spine. Some fabric hedgehogs bedding ideas include but aren’t limited to the following:


Fleece is relatively cheap and is easily available anywhere. Easily found in most places where the fabric is sold.
The anti-pill varieties might last longer and wear better than a traditional fleece.
Fleece materials do not do well in bleach because they could wear the material fasted and cause breakage.

Crib Liners

Take a walk through the baby section of variety stores and these, you will find in abundance. They are thick and absorbent. You can be and reuse; making them cheap in the long run. They are also soft and comfortable and you can use them as a barrier between hands and hedgehogs to prevent prickles and wounds from the pet’s spine.

Corn Cob Bedding

This sort of bedding is of course cheap. Accessibility, however, is subjective and it does nothing for odor and moguls build up. It is not really ideal for homes, and it also isn’t so soft. Even though a lot of people use it, its usage isn’t widely recommended.